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since the 2006 reunion in evansville indiana i had not received any financial support for the web site except for a few donations here and there i have supported this side of my own pocket. i used to build and sell computers on ebay for extra money to support this site however since the economy went bad that business has dried up. so everything to support the site has come out of my disability check. however the cost of upgrading my software and hardware to edit the website and the additional cost of the hosting going from $300 a year to $500 a year and i could no longer support these cost out of my disability check. so the time has come to start requesting donations to support the future of this website my goal for this web site has not changed since i first started it in 1998. i plan to keep this site going well into the future so that the children and grandchildren maybe even great grandchildren will be able to find out information on the great contribution of these men during in the second world war. so please if you can send a small donation either through pay pal button below or you may send a check to me at the address below thank you in advance.

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