Rolf Illsley

Many thanks to Rolf, historian LSM/MSMR Association

for the copy of the video tape he took of the LCTs last August.

I know they will bring back memories for the LCT vets.

Until about 18 months ago,they were in service with the Hellenic Navy,

and are currently in storage in the Greek port of Skaramangas.

They are 6 Ex- US LCU 501 class(Ex-LCT Mk 6)

Kassos (ex LCU 1382) L145 Built by the Mare Island Naval yard 30 Nov. 1944

Karpathos (ex LCU 1379) L146 Same 17 Nov 1944

Kimolos (ex LCU 971) L147 Same 1 Feb 1944

Kithnos (ex LCU 763) L149 Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co 24 Dec. 1944

Sifnos (ex LCU 677) L150 Pidgeon-Thomas Iron Co 11 Mar. 1944

This LCT has a tie to a Japanese George fighter being restored at the US Air Force Museum. the restoration and research staff believes that the George was transported from somewhere in the Pacific by LCT 677 to San Diego.

Skiathos (ex LCU 827) L152 Built by the Kansas City Steel Co. 10 Apr 1944

L152 was acquired in 1959,L149 & L150 in 1961 and L145, L146 & L147 in 1962


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