US YFU 18 (LCU 501 class)  


Former  World War II LCT Mk 6 In Chu Li Vietnam 1969

Many thanks to Thomas Dudek for the Photos

Tom says they made trips in vietnam from Da Nang north to the DMZ ( Cua Viet River) Hue city (Perfume River) and     Chu Li south of Da Nang plus other coastal trips and landings. They had a crew of 10 and their armament was 2 50 Cal. M79 grenade launcher 40mm rockets and various small arms. They where attached to the US Naval support activity Da Nang River lighterage causeway Da Nang. He says they were semi independent and most of the time went on their own to deliver or retrieve supply or troops up the rivers of VN landing on the beaches on their own. They carried everything from 170 tons  of ammo to electric poles to troops up the vietnam rivers to pick up tanks ect.He said he knew they were of WWII Vintage but they were still seaworthy. YFU 18 was Disposed of, sold by Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) for scrapping. Date status changed: 02/01/1973 .


170 Tons of 40mm rockets in the welldeck.



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