YFUs In Vietnam

Former LCT Mk 6

The Information on this page was sent in by Thomas Schmalz









Left is YFU 4(LCT 562) the 4 boat, was hulled during a river operation and was sent to subic bay for repairs. I was the last crew member to leave the boat and still have the flag from it. It was scrapped 1976. Right is the YFU 7(LCT 629) - it sunk at An Thoi Viet Nam spring 1970










Left is yfu-4, 24(LCT 980), and 56 ((LCT 646)I think) at a beach party after tet. Party thrown by boat crews and officers. The Picture on the right is I our repair ship off the coast. There are 2 apl's 1 arg and 1 akl and smaller swift boats.




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