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US LCT-1043

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More WW2 Photos from Paul Hummel
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This page is a mirror of the web page first put up by Sunset Hayes on the LST 996 web site.

I thank Mrs. Dore Rhyme ( Hummel ) for her permission to post her father's history on our

site and Sunset Hayes for her page design, I only changed the background and updated the links.


Landing Ship Dock (LSD)

Photo of LCT 1043 inside a Landing Ship Dock (LSD) for repairs to a bent prop after the invasion.  LSDs were very large ships capable of taking smaller landing craft through a stern transom like a drydock.

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Convoy Photos

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LCT Convoy

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LCTs enroute

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A convoy of LCTs probably heading back to North Africa at the breakneck speed of 7 knots!
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LCTs heading out

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Crew Members - LCT 1043


Photo on right: Peters, the cook aboard LCT 1043.
He was a good one per Skipper Hummel!

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Liberty Landing at Manila after the US returned

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Hummel with LCT Skipper Ghighiotti; Oran, North Africa, 1944

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LCT 1043 Crewmember, note the tires on the LCT alongside. No wonder civilians in the US couldn't get them! <s>
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Skipper Hummel...in casual mode

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Skipper Hummel in front of wheelhouse, LCT 1043
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Hummel standing by wheelhouse with the laundry in front...

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The Aftermath


Picture on right:  German prisoners in Marseilles, France

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This is how Toulon & Marseilles Harbors looked when LCT 1043 arrived.  Pretty bombed out and scuttled ships all over by the Germans
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An LCM in the harbor Marseilles... a smaller work boat

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