The Amphibians Are Coming!

A new book by William L. McGee

The objective of this book—the first of three volumes on the amphibious operations in the South Pacific—is to provide a close-up look at the most prevalent of the revolutionary World War II shore-to- shore landing craft and the unsung heroes that manned them.

What people are saying about the book.

"Bingo! Bill McGee struck the mother lode with the amphibs are coming! Totally researched and well written, a pleasure to read.

Bud Farmer, Coxswain LCT(A) 2310

"Bill McGee, himself a veteran of the World War II navy, has not only done some exhaustive research into the documentation of how the amphibious forces were built, but has added the words of the men who took the theory of the amphibious doctrine and the new machines to sea. His dedicated work will surely help keep the day-today naval record of the ‘Greatest Generation’ from being lost"

 --John Lorelli, author of To   Foreign Shores--U.S. Amphibious Operations in World War II

"Just finished The Amphibians Are Coming!…a fascinating and accurate history on the landing ships and craft of WWII and a welcome addition to the short list of books on the subject. It brought back many memories, even tears to my eyes. I look forward to your next two volumes on the Pacific War. For me, it’s a long-awaited dream since they deal with my kind of war. You’ve brought great pride and joy to thousands who were there and to future generations who will learn how America fought in the Forties."

     --John McNeill, USNR, Officer-in-Charge, LCT-159

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