ATTACHMENT A Task Force125 (RAdm Donald Moon) organization


ATTACHMENT B Tare Green Beach LCT's


ATTACHMENT C Uncle Red Beach LCT's


ATTACHMENT D LCT Flotilla 17 Assignment (Uncle Red Beach)


ATTACHMENT E LCT Flotilla 4 Assignment (Tare Green Beach)


ATTACHMENT F LCT Flotilla 4 Assignment (Uncle Red Beach)


ATTACHMENT G British LCT Squadron "O" (Uncle Red Beach)


ATTACHMENT H British LCT Squadron "G" (Tare Green Beach)


ATTACHMENT I DD "Swimming Tanks" Illustration


ATTACHMENT J LCT(A) With Raised Platform


ATTACHMENT K Swept Channel Chart


ATTACHMENT L Cruising Disposition #3


ATTACHMENT M Keith Dixon Narrative (Force "U" DD LCT's)


ATTACHMENT  N C. Fabian  Narrative (Flotilla17 -- D-Day)





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