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  56 K Real Video Clip 

The above video clip was filmed by Rolf Illsley, historian LSM/LSMR Association in the fall of 1997 at an Hellenic Naval base near Athens Greece. Included in this footage are World War II LST, LSMs, LCT Mk 6s and LCMs. This clip runs for about 5 min and you will need at least a 56k connection and the Real Player. For more background information on these LCTs and still photos from this video click here

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Video clips of the LCT Mk 6 assembly line at Mare Island Shipyard From the National Archives and Records Administration at College Park, MD

Clip 1                                 Clip2          


2003 Reunion Video on the Outer Island

 Clip one                               Clip two


Outer Island (LCT 203) Video Tour

Take a video tour of the Outer Island (LCT 203), the only known working Mk 5 with Doug Swanson (LCT81) and his son Ron.

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  The deck and pilot house                   


  Inside the pilot house                         


   More video of the deck                    


  Inside the crew quarters                    


  The Engine room                                


  Bow and more of the deck                  

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